Thursday, 9 February 2017


In our mission to make every day that bit more exciting we are delighted to launch the most exciting adverts ever seen on public transport before, from yours truly, Bluebella.

A lucky fleet of London taxis are now adorned with a moving picture adverts of our designs including the much talked about ‘Alyssa’ bra, which lets wearers undo its bow to reveal or conceal.  Alyssa has already made it into the headlines recently for it’s dare-devilish design.
To bring you a glimpse of what’s to come, and to celebrate the city we love the very best, the Bluebella team hit London’s biggest monuments for a photoshoot with our gorgeous model, Jess.

Bluebella Lingerie - Behind the scenes - London Eye

Behind the scenes - London Eye

 We had a lot of fun strutting around London in our lingerie, dropping in at TowerBridge, the London Eye, and the Houses of Parliament, where we gave a little wave to Theresa May and the gang.

Bluebella stops London traffic - Lingerie
Bluebella stops London traffic in Beatrix Basque

Bluebella London Shoot - Model JessThe temperature was chilly despite the beautiful winter sun but with much hot coffee and a big furry coat model Jess was and absolute trooper. Plus our lovely black cab driven by London cabbie veteran Keith made a nice warm hanging out place between takes.                                                                                  Bluebella Black Cab - Behind the scenes

Although we did get politely asked to move along by the coppers in Parliament Square, London crowds were loving it as much as we were.

Bluebella stops London traffic - Behind the scenes

 As a London brand, we hold the city very close to our hearts. Bluebella CEO Emily Bendell said:

We are all deeply in love with London here at Bluebella and the city endlessly inspires us. So we couldn’t think of anything better and more quintessentially London than a black cab. The new digital adverts on the roofs of the cabs are perfect to bring our products to life, but we do ask that only the passengers on the road watch the advert and not other drivers!”

Bluebella Lingerie - Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes - London Tower Bridge

Bluebella Tower Bridge London - Lingerie Shoot

 Bluebella stops London traffic in Amelie Body

So keep your eyes peeled for our model unwrapping the Alyssa bra on London taxis this week, as it’ll be gone in a flash.

P.s. Sorry drivers, but eyes on the road!

Bluebella London Eye - Emerson Set Lingerie

Bluebella stops London traffic in Emerson Set


Bluebella about fifty shades darker and lingerie moments

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so is the release of Fifty Shades Darker, the next instalment in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. And what better way to celebrate than to rejoice in some of the best lingerie ever seen on the big screen?!
Christina Aguilera in Burlesque (2010)
Christina Aguilera in Burlesque
Christina Aguilera as a young and ambitious dancer in ‘Burlesque’ embodies the intimately gorgeous cabaret look. With beautiful shapes and seductive lace the dancers embodied femininity built on the power of music.
Steal the look with the gorgeous Tate basque, and get your own Burlesque feel.
Susan Sarandon in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) 
Susan Sarandon in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
As Janet Weiss, Susan Sarandon channeled delicate femininity in this classic musical. Her delicate lingerie was a perfect compliment to the delicacy of her character that contrasted with the darker fantasy aspects of this classic musical.
Recreate the look with out beautifully delicate Raya Balconette Bra.
Anne Bancroft in The Graduate” (1967)
Anne Bancroft in “The Graduate”
The black lace overlay bra that Beecroft wears in this classic is a style that marked the 60s and 70s of lingerie. It’s provocative, wearable and stylish at the same time.
Get your own vintage seductive look with out Ella Plunge Bra and compliment with our hosiery for the ultimate seductive look.
Sophia Loren in Marriage Italian Style (1964)
Sophia Loren in Marriage Italian Style
In the role of Filomena, Sophia Loren, was the perfect image of alluring Italian glamour and paved the first steps for stylish see through lingerie. Her style has inspired many women to embrace their bodies with see thorugh lingerie and outfits.
Get the look with our Lake chemise for a seductive night look.
Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge’ (2001) 
Nicole Kidman in ‘Moulin Rouge’
Nicole Kidman’s character Satine was the perfect femme fatale looking for fame. Her wadrobe revolved around the image of french seduction and femininity. Her georgous lingerie was merely an accesory to her own beauty.
The Beatrix Basque is the perfect compliment to any woman, just add some diamonds.
Kim Basinger in 'Nine 1/2 Weeks' (1986)
Kim Basinger in 'Nine 1/2 Weeks'
Elizabeth, Basinger’s character in this steamy drama was the image of emotional and sexual awakening for women. Her delicate wardrobe was merely an illustration of her own delicte persona. The softness of her character contrasted with Rourke’s John Gray and ultimately became an image of female empowerment.
Steal the look with the Sephy Chemise in Ivory for the perfect delicate seduction.
Penelope Cruz in Nine (2009)
Penelope Cruz in Nine
The award winning performance by Penelope Cruz as Carla Albanese in this musical drama was not only great for her voice and acting. It was also her beautiful figure and how amazing she looked in the stunning lingerie that captivated viewers. Her performance was full of class and feeling and the lingerie became part of her character.
Steal the look with our Vivienne Basque for that Hollywod worthy look.
Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight” (1933)
Jean Harlow in “Dinner at Eight”
The first blonde bombshell of the big screen, Jean Harlow, was spectacular in her boudoir wardrobe of lace slip dresses and embellished robes. Her eccentricity was not only in her character but in her empowering lingerie as well.
Replicate Kitty’s eccentric wardobe with some fabulous lingerie and a silky soft kimono for that luxurious look.
Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8” (1960)
Elizabeth Taylor in “Butterfield 8”
Elizabeth Taylor’s role as Gloria in Buttergield 8 not only paved the actresses way towards winning multiple Academy Awards but it also set the trend for beautifully feminine and delicate teddies that are the perfect finishing touch to any look.
For nights of seductively sipping cocktails steal the look with our Alanna Chemise.
Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut (1999) 
Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut
Nicole Kidman once again is one of our favourites, her performance in “Eyes Wide Shut” not only earned her fame but it also established her as an icon of femininity.
The delicate look can be replicated with our Georgia Cami and Short set that allows you to feel georgous and comfortable at the same time.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Valentine's Day - How to write a card

Cat got your tongue this Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to treat yourselves and your partners to something special, be it fun, cute, sexy, or romantic. Shakespeare, famously compared his lover to a summer’s day, while Elizabeth Barrett Browning soulfully wrote of the depth of her immortal love. But whether you’re in the throes of a whirlwind romance or in it for the long haul, choosing the right words isn’t always easy. If the most creative piece of writing you’ve done in the last 5 years is a ‘bappy hirthday’ on your best friend’s Facebook page, then the sonnet poem is probably not going to be your best bet. So for all those feeling daunted by the blank stare of empty Valentine’s cards, we’ve come up with some different ideas to spice up that page.   

Looking for inspiration?

Valentines Gift Lingerie
If you’ve come here looking for some good lines, then good lines we shall give. If you’re a new item or looking to keep it casual, then cheesy chat-up lines are always a good bet. Here are some personal favourites:
 ‘You make my palms sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti ;)
 ‘Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile’
 ‘Did you read Dr.Seuss as a kid, because green eggs and…damn!’
If that is definitely not your style, and you are a hopeless romantic, then these ones are for you:
‘Your lips are like wine, and I want to get drunk.’ (Shakespeare)
‘I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly, and then all at once.’ (John Green)
‘Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.’ (Elinor Glyn)
‘It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight’ (Nabokov)

Not a fan of the long gushy message?

If that doesn’t do it for you, then keep it short and powerful. You don’t have to write about your feelings, but you could write about what you like about that person or what makes them special in your eyes (as let’s face it people love compliments and talking about themselves). If you’re especially allergic to Valentine’s cheese, then lace your compliments with humour - after all, nothing says British Valentine’s day more than an ironic card.

Prefer to cut straight to the point?

If you’re planning to surprise your partner with some saucy lingerie, why not place one of the small slinkier items into the card. You could add a short seductive message or simply let the gift do the talking. Alternatively, place a photograph of yourself in your brand spanking new lingerie sets inside your card and give it to your date earlier on. Hey, they might be a little distracted during the day, but they certainly won’t be able to take their mind off how smokin’ you are.
Perfect Valentines with Emerson Bra Red

Bored of Traditional Valentine’s cards?

As many times as you might have heard the phrase ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’…there’s no smoke without fire. How about ditch the Valentine’s card altogether and go for something with a bit more flavour? The Boomf personalised photographic marshmallows are hot right now, and a sure fire way to get clinch your partner’s heart through the stomach.

Still stuck?

Bluebella Instagram - @vladasuleimanova
When it comes to love, scent is powerful. Spritz yourselves and your card, and engage all the senses. Why stick to poetry when science shows that in matters of love it’s the nose that really knows?
Bluebella Instagram - @mxagnes

Friday, 3 February 2017


With Cupid poking his cheeky head around the corner, we had a chat with our favourite girl Tigerlily Taylor, and face of Bluebella’s SS17 collection, to hear her thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

Tigerlily Taylor in Amelie Body Rose Dust

In regard to how seriously she takes the day itself, Tigerlily, who has been with model boyfriend Henry Pedro-Wright for over two years, said: “I think the idea of the occasion is silly but I do enjoy it. It's just another reason to do something special with your partner.” She added “I collect ridiculous cards and the Valentines ones are always the funniest”. 
While the plan for the day itself has yet to be decided, Tigerlily told us about her partner’s relaxed but romantic Valentine’s surprise last year. She said: “ my boyfriend bought champagne, lit candles and cooked me a roast at his flat. That was a really nice, cosy idea.”

Tigerlily Taylor in Beatrix

But even a low-key Valentine’s day isn’t complete without a new piece of lingerie, according to Tigerlily, who said: “I love finding a new piece of lingerie for each year. It's always a surprise for him and finding the piece is fun for me.”

Having told us in the past that she loves the idea of buying lingerie for yourself and not just for your partner, Tigerlily stressed she is “a firm believer that your partner should make you feel sexy no matter what you are wearing.”

As the face of Bluebella’s SS17 collection, naturally we wanted to find out Tigerlily’s thoughts about the pieces she sported during the shoot. Tiger, a self-professed tomboy, said she likes that the designs are “elegant but not too girly for me” and loves how wearable they are.

Tigerlily Taylor in Basque

She added: “ There are lots of strong, supportive lines in the designs  that make them comfortable and portray a sense of strength”. It’s this strength that we think Tigerlily, who is also a Muay Thai Kickboxer and high-achieving English Literature student, embodies herself - making her the perfect face of the collection.

Check our site:

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

This Valentine's Day... LESS IS AMORE

This Valentine's Day minimalism reigns and the only rule is that less is amore.

Valentines Lingerie

Ditch the flowers and the chocolates. It's all about lingerie for this years Valentines. And we are particularly loving the most sensual of all styles... the open cup.
With Olga Kulyneko rocking a beautiful open cup jumpsuit in Paris we are confident this is the style to own and to show off.

Olga Kulyneko

With beautiful detailing and delicate lace patterns the open bras will be queen this year. For the lace lover the Nova, Emerson and Caton are the perfect match. The lace adds a delicate touch to a daring and modern design.

Emerson Black BraCaton Black Bra

So ditch the old school red and the heart shaped knickers. The modern Bluebella girl wants to show off and feel fabulous, and not only on Valentines day.
And if you are looking for something that both of you can enjoy together, our newest Alyssa is the way to go. It's already turning heads!