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As Autumn/Winter collections start hitting the shops, what trends will you be wearing?

It's hard to believe that in a matter of weeks, we'll be waving goodbye to summer and saying hello once again to chunky knits, ankle boots and cosy nights in with a glass of wine. Whilst, of course, we are going to enjoy EVERY last minute of summer, in the grand old name of fashion, we've rounded up the top Autumn/Winter trends that you're soon going to see filter into the shops as the leaves start turning... But which one will you go for?


Thought that the Seventies was just a summer fling? Think again - the flares are staying put. Whether you're a bohemian babe or more of an uptown 70's chic, there will be something to suit you. Expect corduroy dungarees for weekends, peasant blouses for the office and skinny scarves to be on the shop shelves come Autumn. Fringed apparel isn't going anywhere either, with fringed waistcoats and capes taking centre stage.
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One of Elle's most stand-out trends for this season was what they dubbed the 'Modernist'. For a change, this doesn't mean mute or dark colours for the winter months. Hooray! Instead, it's a fresh injection of bursts of colour infused with bold clean lines. Print goes optical, fabric gets more extreme and shapes are strict. If you ever need cheering up on a drab winter's day, then this is the trend for you.
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If there was one stand-out colour trend on the catwalks of AW15, then it was certainly red. Scarlet, traffic light, crimson, ketchup - whatever you call it, all the big fashion houses were getting in on the action. Dior, Marni and Fendi in particular were working the hue from head-to-toe, cutting some of the boldest figures of the season in the process. Again, a refreshing colour for deepest, darkest winter so we're 100% on board. And if you don't want to wear all of it but still want some of the action, just grab your favourite red lipstick colour and let your pout do the talking!
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No matter what your age, there's something about sequins and glitter that we just love. After seasons of pared-back plainness and muted tones, injecting a bit of fun into fashion is just what the doctor ordered. Expect to see LBDs adorned with sequins and heels shimmering in glitter for the forthcoming season, taking inspiration from the likes of Proenza Schouler, Rodarte and Julie de Libran. Perfect for the party season...
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If colour, graphics and glitter isn't your thing, fear not. Another key trend for AW15 harks back to the Victorian ages, creating a darkly decadent theme for the season. Expect lots of black and an array of textured fabrics, complete with frilled details and floor-skimming lengths - the perfect way to take hold of the darker side of fashion this winter. Want to take another approach to it? Wear a black sheer top with a black bra on show underneath for a modern update on this classic trend.
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Wednesday, 19 August 2015



Because nothing beats jumping on a plane for a whirlwind weekend away...

We are at the height of summer but with many of us already feeling like our summer holiday was a lifetime ago, it's time to look ahead to what Autumn breaks can bring us. And a short, snappy city break is at the top of our agenda! From romantic getaways to the famous cities of love to the bustling nightlife of Berlin, we've picked our top five city breaks for you. Which one will you choose?


For unadulterated romance, the city that springs to mind is naturally Paris. The famous sightseeing that brings in most tourists are the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and The Louvre, however, the best of Paris is most definitely hidden behind the corners of the cobbled streets tucked away from plain sight. Here you can find treasure troves of where the locals hang out with the city's famous cafe culture in abundance or boutique shopping at its best. With endless options, Paris is a traditional yet endless love affair that shows no signs of abating.
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Fancy a visit to the west coast of Sweden? Then the country's second largest city, Gothenburg, is waiting for you. It's a beautifully compact city but the best way to explore is via the 17th Century canals that weave around this well-rounded city. By night, Gothenburg comes alive with quirky bars spilling out onto the kitsch cobbled streets and its restaurants are famed for serving world-class seafood. The coastal positioning of Gothenburg and stunning archipelago makes this a firm favourite for city breaks, boasting a wide portfolio of cool hangouts - definitely not one to be overlooked.
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Berlin is one of Europe's most vibrant cities, so if you are planning a get away with the girls then the cosmopolitan hub of Berlin won't disappoint. Known for its world-class nightlife that centers around hedonistic techno, it is fast becoming the destination in Europe for creative types, cementing it as an arts and music epicenter. However, this isn't all it has to offer. Although it doesn't perhaps have the breathtaking beauty of cities like Paris, it holds a fantastic history and has the most fascinating museums, which you can get to by hiring bikes. This renewed and enthusiastic city will definitely keep you on your toes with plenty to do.
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Set in Belgium, Bruges is one of the most scenic cities in the world. With its small cobbled lanes hosting an array of 17th Century culture and horse-drawn carriages, Bruges will be sure to send you back in time. Delicate houses line the canals and postcard picturesque market squares make this a hub for visitors from around the world. Explore and visit the edges of the city on bike and you'll see medieval narrow streets, windmills and plenty more to entertain you all day long. Plus, the beer is something else!
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Venice merits its reputation as being one of the most enchanting and beautifully romantic cities in the world - undoubtedly somewhere to visit with your loved one. The exquisite city that seems to float on water captures many elements of the perfect city break. Of course, wandering through the canals on a gondola and exploring the city is one of the most thought of attractions, however, Venice offers much more. Its impressive museums, historic churches and bright contemporary art can keep you occupied for days and are a must-see if you are wanting a trip to remember!
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Friday, 14 August 2015



Check out the female role models who inspire us...

We live in a world dominated by celebrity but we know it's not just what they are wearing or who they are dating that you lot are interested in (although we do love a *little* bit of gossip over a cuppa, of course). We also think it's so important to acknowledge that many of these world famous women are crucial role models to society, women of all ages and most importantly, our own individual lives. Take a look at just a handful of the women who we are admiring at the moment...


25-year-old Emma has come a long way since her Potter days and was recently described by British Vogue as the 'voice of a generation'. That's a pretty hefty role to take on but this girl is taking it totally in her stride. Having launched the United Nations' HeForShe campaign last September with an impassioned speech that went viral, Emma has balanced her successful acting career effortlessly with her UN ambassador role. She has talked openly about her personal doubts and in doing so has offered so many women words of extremely invaluable advice and we love how she's not afraid to push forward for a whole generation.
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Whether you're an avid fan of hit TV series 'Girls' or not, you will have probably no doubt heard of Lena. The producer/director/actor/writer is a champion for women across the globe, using her wit and downright 'normal' attitude about life's ups and downs has meant she has forged quite a unique position in today's celebrity world. Having just announced the launch of the 'Lenny Letter', a newsletter which aims to bring more content to the 19 - 34 age bracket and address life's most pressing, embarrassing and confounding issues, Dunham continues to push forward the issues that matter to the real girls of today.
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              CAITLIN MORAN

British broadcaster, columnist and TV personality Caitlin Moran isn't afraid to put it how it is, and that's why she's on our list. Using her wit and larger-than-life personality, she captures important issues in her own unique way that makes her a great role model. Her 2011 book 'How To Be A Woman' tackles feminist issues head on and has led her to become one of the country's most recognised ambassadors for feminism. Having recently won GLAMOUR magazine's Columnist of the Year, she shows no signs of slowing down with her tongue-in-cheek approach to life.
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Her recent Glastonbury performance alongside the Dalai Lama says it all really - Patti Smith's influence is still as strong today as it ever was. Dubbed as the 'Godmother of Punk', Smith became a highly influential component of the New York punk rock movement in the mid Seventies. Now in her late 60's, she is championed as a strong role model when, as The Guardian puts it, 'many can seem invisible but she is more gloriously visible than ever' and that's what we love - age ain't nothing but a number. Her memoir book 'Just Kids' is an incredible read and one which we are big fans of here at Bluebella HQ!
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She became an OSCAR-winning actress at the tender age of 22, the second youngest ever to do so. And since then, Lawrence has been going from strength to strength, smashing the Hollywood scene but also doing so in her own way and refusing to conform to the 'necessities' of LA LA land. Lawrence has admitted that she has turned down roles from directors asking her to lose weight for roles and insists that first and foremost she wants to manage unrealistic expectations of how women 'should' look. Whilst she's serious about her stuff, she's also a girl after our own heart who totally FREAKS out if she meets a man she fancies or celeb she loves (just Google Jennifer Lawrence and Damien Lewis and you'll see exactly what we mean!)

Friday, 7 August 2015



Feeling like you want a mid-season spruce up? We've rounded up summer's hottest hair trends so you don't have to...

Whether you've got long or short hair, keeping up to date with the latest 'dos can be tricky. Here's our definitve list of what's hot right now because, after all, your hair style is what you wear every single day!


Everyone's talking about the braid this summer. Whether it's the French or the Fishtail, it's an elegant and easy(ish!) look to achieve. If you're blessed with luscious long locks then it will be easier to achieve. We love this look from Erdem - it's a sleek 'n' straight pony plait with no messing. Pull tight plaits together and tie with a tight bobble, finishing off with hair spray to lock it in place.
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Seen as though the Seventies is in full swing, it's no wonder that boho style locks have been seen in full swing on the beauty circuit, too. Ultra easy no matter what your length is, simply take up half of your hair and put into a casual half-pony. Tousle up the rest of your hair with some texture spray and you've got an on-trend retro look in minutes.
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Fancy a complete new look like Georgia May Jagger? Rainbow hair is currently making waves thanks to East London's BLEACH salon, the pioneers of pastel coloured hair. If you're brave enough, you can emulate it yourself at home by grabbing BLEACH's Hair Crayons and literally drawing on the colour into your hair (it washes out). Fun but how it'll turn out we can't guarantee!
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According to Elle UK, THE hair style every cool gal is wearing at the moment is in fact the humble top knot. Loved by Margot Robbie, The Olsens and Gigi Hadid, the knot has actually been coined 'The Hun' as 2015's take on it is a half-up bun style. Simply grab the hair like in 'Boho Babe' but this time twist the top half onto the top of your head to form a bun, grabbing some Kirby grips to keep it in place!
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Another eye-popping colour trend for you - this time it's called 'Split Hair' and no, it's not those pesky dead ends we're talking about. This is actually hair speak for dying one side of your hair one colour, and the other side of your parting another. With coloured hair taking the world by storm, this is definitely the approach to take if you want to stay one step ahead!
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