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AW17 - Behind the scenes at the shoot of our new collection!

Delving Behind the Scenes of our A/W17 Mood shoot

A mood shoot is important to a brand for so many reasons, but for us here at Bluebella it helps to determine the way the we move into the next fashion season, and because we’re a creatively collaborative bunch, we all have a say on how that goes.
Whilst some labels might keep this process a secret, you already know we’re not like that at Bluebella. We showed you last month how your favourite pieces go from drawing to design and now we’re taking you backstage on our most recent mood shoot, to see what really goes on behind the scenes. Each and every customer is just as important as the slightly crazy but surely creative hive mind here, and every purchase lets us know we must be doing something right.
“Fast paced and hectic, but fun and exhilarating” are four words the Bluebella team use to describe the atmosphere on set at our campaign shoots. Set up, shot and de rigged in the space of just one day, two mood shoots happen each year - one for Spring/Summer, one for Autumn/Winter. The shoot for our latest collection, our A/W17 mood shoot, was one of the busiest!
Bluebella autumn winter 2017 mood campaign shoot collection behind the scenes fern bra and brief rose dust and black fishnet
Behind the scenes with our amazing photographer Alisa Connan, one of our female team on set and model Juliette in Fern
This season we decided to shoot in a studio in Hackney – we love location shoots but we really wanted the collection to do the talking, paired with strong and simple poses. Also, instead of using just one model to gather the 14 stand alone shots needed, we instead used two. Why? Because despite the challenge, the contrast of the two girls forged a new look, a new direction and a whole new atmosphere than hasn’t been seen before! Both models were a dream, worked perfectly together and didn’t tire, an essential quality on such a busy day!
The Loft Studio in Hackney, where the magic happened...
Bluebella autumn winter 2017 mood campaign shoot collection behind the scenes imogen long chemise and lake body
Models Sarah and Juliette in Imogen Long Chemise and Lake Body
Also, we love a challenge, and pride ourselves on designs that embrace the female body and push boundaries at every corner and curvature. The latest collection is no exception - it takes the female form on a journey of unpredictable pleasure; and the new heights reached by the two models and the almost all-female team, from photographer to stylist to lighting technicians (totally wonderful, the lot of them), brought this into full force.
Bluebella autumn winter 2017 mood campaign shoot collection behind the scenes
Bluebella autumn winter 2017 mood campaign shoot collection behind the scenes
We did shots both together and individually with the models to create contrast and bring out the characters of each piece. We also shot on both a red and a grey background, to convey the two different drops within the collection. Hair and makeup was redone to match and mirror the split. The hair and makeup alone, done by dynamic duo Nikki and Lara, were so key that we decided to honour the processes with their own blogs – check them out!
Bluebella autumn winter 2017 mood campaign shoot collection behind the scenes wren kimono trouser set black
A/W17 shot, using the rich red background of Drop Two - Sarah wear Wren Kimono and Trouser Set (Black/Rose Dust), available soon
Bluebella autumn winter 2017 mood campaign shoot collection behind the scenes makeup
Nikki Wolff, makeup extraordinaire, touching up makeup on set - head to our A/W17 makeup Blog for more
The background to the collection itself is what inspired the creative direction of the shoot. The red and grey backgrounds reflect the the fluidity and movement of the body as well as modern femininity, which is what we’re all about. Each fabric used in the new collection, such as chiffon, satin, mesh and lace create progressive pieces designed to mirror how the body feels, moves, and connects. In fact, our new collection is one of the most diverse we’ve ever designed, which probably comes down to the way we’ve grown and adapted to our customers needs, wants and desires. So it’s all thanks to you really! Here’s to the next one.
See the full collection here.
Bluebella autumn winter 2017 mood campaign shoot collection behind the scenes karolina bra high-wait suspender thong basque and thong black
Watch the video below for further insight into the amazing day!

Thursday, 14 September 2017


If you happened to find yourself around Oxford Circus first thing on Sunday morning, you might have witnessed a very unusual type of photoshoot... To celebrate the start of London Fashion Week and to show off our brand new collections, Bluebella teamed up with some of our very own Instagram and Facebook followers to shoot something new, exciting and, ultimately, special.
Bluebella Dare to Bare Oxford Circus shoot
That’s right, we chose 18 of our beautiful followers with body confidence and perhaps a bit of a penchant for exhibitionism to come and take part in our stunt-turned-shoot by strutting their stuff across Oxford Circus’s busy roundabout, as though it were the most prestigious catwalk in fashion week. But whilst of course this was a great opportunity to show you all the new designs we’ve been furiously working on for the past few months, what we really wanted to do was show off the amazing women we’re lucky enough to have as fans!
We are continuously inspired by the way our Instagram followers take our pieces and run with them, showing off their individual and creative sense of style, and we wanted to bring that boldness into the public eye.
Bluebella Dare to Bare Oxford Circus shoot
We used social media itself to cast for and find these 18 incredible women of all shapes, sizes and ages to show us off, and what ensued was the most inspiring of days. Real girls, each uniquely beautiful, and bubbling with what we like to call Bluebella attitude. Friendships were made as each of our girls pushed their boundaries and revelled in their spirited confidence. "The girls all supported each other and we embraced our diversity, our individual and collective beauty. We owned our fierceness and our confidence rocketed, both individually and together, and we all made a new set of sassy and inspiring female friends," said 26-year-old writer Deni, one of our models for the day.
Bluebella Dare to Bare Oxford Circus shoot for London Fashion Week LWF
Chilli-Rae, who works as a makeup artist, was the youngest to take part at just 18, and wanted to channel the empowering nature of Bluebella by participating, “I’ve loved Bluebella for a long time - it’s all about empowering women. It was a lot of fun and people’s reactions were great.” Of course it wasn’t without it’s nerve wracking times, as explained Lou, an actor from Stoke Newington and Pollie, a soon-to-be textiles student, who was encouraged by her mum to do something she originally thought would be a bit risky, or rather risque…
Bluebella Dare to Bare Oxford Circus shoot for London Fashion Week LWF Maya Bra brief Lingerie
Bluebella Dare to Bare Oxford Circus shoot for London Fashion Week LWF Emerson Bra Suspender Thong Lingerie
But it wasn’t just talented ladies from the creative and performing arts who took part; Cheyanne, a 24 year old medical PA was one of the fierce ladies making London her catwalk. “I wanted to challenge my inner naughtiness.” She told us, “I was nervous but excited.” Carolina, an English student originally from Chile agreed; “I think it is a great way to show off the beautiful different shapes of the female body.”
Bluebella Dare to Bare Oxford Circus shoot for London Fashion Week LWF Emerson Strappy Body Lingerie
Bluebella Dare to Bare Oxford Circus shoot for London Fashion Week LWF Octavia Bra Lingerie
And show off they did, but of course a shoot this big had its fair share of complications. Organising the logistics for 18 girls without modelling experience at one of the busiest crossings in central London takes a lot of planning. Scheduling casting calls on social, fielding and responding to all applications, arranging castings in the office for all those successful and then liaising with all 18 girls all the way up to the Sunday morning took a few months of planning, not to mention having the London Police rock up to ask for a license, which was resolved by posing for a photo with the girls!
Bluebella Dare to Bare Oxford Circus shoot for London Fashion Week LWF
The Bluebella brand is all about modernity, strength, fashion and inclusivity, with the city of London our beating heart. We have a history of shoots demonstrating both our commitment to celebrating diversity in beauty and of celebrating the city around us, and although this may have been the boldest one yet, we’re just getting started and we dare you too! This Autumn we dare you to bare, to say no or say yes. Ask for more and never settle. Be loud, be proud and fight harder. We dare you to be strong, bold and beautiful, just like Bluebella.
Read more about the shoot and see more quotes from the models here!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Blondies - Hell's Angels

Blonde Ambition

 Introducing the Coyotes of the East: Rochelle, Verity and Sharmaine - the smokin’ hot Aussie sister-trio and masterminds behind London’s Blondies Bar. As regular haunt of bikers, rockers, and Homerton’s finest, we couldn’t resist the chance to park up our own motors out front for a leather-clad shoot with these rock’n’roll queens in their favourite Bluebella pieces.
It was then only right to end with a chat over our best poisons and hear the fiery tale behind this hot demon dive bar from the Hell’s Angels themselves…

Whose idea was it to start the bar? 
Rochelle: In the beginning it was really spur of the moment. I mean, we had always joked about opening our own place, but none of us knew it would happen so soon or in this country. It was running a bar or creating a band! I’m glad the bar won over. 
Verity: It all started as a joke one morning over coffee with Sharmaine and I. We took Rochelle out for breakfast the next morning and told her the exciting news. She thought we must be joking, but the next week we had managed to scrape together our small amount of savings and put a deposit down on a space. Then came the fun part about trying to figure out how the hell we were gonna make this work!

How did it go at the start and how is it now?
Sharmaine: It took us a while to get the keys to the building, which was a blessing in disguise, as there was a whole lot of stuff we didn't know about opening a venue. From planning proposals and licenses. But we managed to pull it all together by the skin of our teeth.
Verity: We've all worked really hard and can breathe a little easier now. I'm really proud of my sisters and can see what we are able to create together.

What’s your highlight? What do you dislike?
Verity: Definitely being able to do this together is the main highlight, and the fact that people have been so supportive. It's been a massive challenge, but we wouldn't change it. 
Sharmaine: Being able to spend time with my family and feeling like we've accomplished something together, that we've created something from scratch. It can be quite a stressful situation but Verity somehow manages to keep it all under control.

What’s it like to work with your sisters?
Rochelle: We all have our strengths. We try to remember to give each other support and allow each other to be in control of the roles we are best at.
Sharmaine: It's nice to have someone with different ideas to bounce off, and to know that even if we disagree, we will be there for each other in the end.

Bluebella Lingerie Beatrix Bandeau Bra Black, Milla Body and Etienne Body
Blondies sisters in Milla Body, Beatrix Bandeau Bra and Etienne Body

How would you describe each other?
Sharmaine: Verity as the life of the party, but with the biggest heart and always wanting everyone to have the best time - I wouldn't trust anyone else running the show. Rochelle is a little ball of joy and the hardest worker I know.

Verity: Rochelle is the most positive and lovely person I've met. She never stops working or giving the most amazing advice. She's our rock. Sharmaine is lovey and creative and is our little pocket rocket. Passionate and always smiling.

Bluebella Lingerie Etienne Body Black
How would you describe the bar?
Verity: Most people call it a 'Dive Bar', and that’s not something we shy away from. It was a DIY project. We all worked tirelessly to get it off the ground and had to hit the ground running by the time we got the keys, so we had no time to waste. We knew we were working with a very small budget so did most of it ourselves, from building the bar to cementing the back yard to learning how to plaster walls on 'YouTube'. It was a really special time.
Sharmaine designed the space and Rochelle is our illustrator who created our imagery which ended up on T-shirts, beer cans and some merch, with more designs on the way.
Rochelle: We throw fun parties with bands and generally have a great time. Most weekends you can find us behind the bar dancing around and passing out tequila shots.

                Best band? Night you’ve thrown?
Verity: Our friends own a Denim Label called 'Burd's. They launched their new collection at a pop up store in Redchurch St. and threw a mega after party at the bar. All our friends rode down with their motorbikes and lined them up out the front. Our mates's metal band 'Deadwound' played. Somehow there was a mosh pit and people crowd surfing and back flipping on the ceiling, which is crazy being that we are so small.
Rochelle: Yeh I agree. It was amazing. Hotel Radio were there to live stream the whole thing. I think you can find it somewhere on their website.

Bluebella Lingerie Emerson Bra Black
 What song fills the dance floor?
 Verity: It really depends what night we have on, but I'm gonna say any Drake is still a floor filler.

Signature drink?
Rochelle: We make a Rum Punch which has pretty much become our signature. Really fruity but not too sweet. And it's got some Jamaican rum inside, so not missing any of that kick!
Sharmaine: The margaritas are my fave.

What do you think of London? Favourite area?
 Verity: I love that it gives you the space to do the things you want to achieve, but you have to work hard. I've met so many amazing people who also push to achieve their goals. It's hard for sure, and it’s gonna try and find your weaknesses. But you gotta push through, keep trying, and try to believe in yourself.
 Geographically I really love the landscape and when you drive through the countryside. But I also love our little bubble in the East. Clissold Park or any of the parks in the summer are really nice. But usually on the weekends you'd find us at our friend’s cafe 'I Will Kill Again' in Homerton. They make the most amazing food. Vegan options like you've never seen. 
 Shamaine: I've been here for 7 years and I've moved around a lot. London is an amazing city with amazing opportunities. I've met some incredible people and managed to travel and see things I wouldn't have if I'd stayed back in OZ.

                Favourite Bluebella pieces and why?
 Sharmaine: The Nova Bra Leopard is my favourite piece. Not only does it look nice, it fits really well too. 
 Verity: My fave piece is the Beatrix Basque. It's sexy and can definitely be used under jeans on a night out.

Bluebella Lingerie Emerson Bra, Aria Body, Nova Bra Leopard and Jamie Fishnet T-Shirt Black
Blondies sisters in Aria Body, Nova Bra Leopard and Emerson Bra Black

Thoughts on Bluebella as a brand?
 Sharmaine: It's so beautiful, amazing quality, and something different than other brands I've seen recently. 
 Rochelle: It was really amazing to get involved with Bluebella. The lingerie is gorgeous. We always get excited to collaborate with other amazing females.

Bluebella Lingerie Milla Body
Milla Body

 What inspiring and fabulous ladies! We could not agree more. Not to mention that the drop dead gorgeous trio look absolutely smokin’ in Bluebella ’n’ leathers… is there anything they can’t do!?
 Guess you better jump on your bikes and head on down to Blondies Bar and visit these cool cats before the neighbours complain...

Written by Stephanie Stapleton

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Stef Reid - How to be a champion in bed

To become an athlete you have to have an incredible amount of strength, and that doesn’t just pertain to muscles. The training, the races, the losses and rejection, not to mention the ever constant fear of injury that has the power to impact a sporting career. The mental force of anyone who has chosen to dedicate their lives to sport is astounding, and this is true of Stefanie Reid, an incredible athlete whom team GB owe for winning us a silver medal in the long jump in London 2012.

But whilst a lot of athletes live in fear of injury, Stef’s is part of what makes her who she is today. After getting caught in a boating accident at the age of 15, resulting in the amputation of her lower leg, Stef thought she’d have to leave behind her love of sport and put her dreams of pursuing professional rugby aside in favour of academics; but whilst studying bio chemistry on a full scholarship she rekindled her love of sport, which in the end she decided to jump into.
“It was a tough choice but I decided I wanted to pursue it and give it my all!” Stef says, her voice ringing with a thick Canadian accent even after having moved permanently to the UK. “When I was studying I got back into Sport, and I had a really great coach who helped me, and they said, you know, I don’t really know what i’m doing, they’d never trained a para athlete before, but I had no idea either so we learnt together!”

The learning must have gone well, because Stef won bronze for Canada in the paralympics in 2008 and a silver medal in 2012 representing team GB. The choice to switch her allegiance to the UK was not an easy one however, and involved her taking a year out of professional sport to show that she was serious about the move - but it was a choice she has not regretted. “Competing in London as a member of team GB was amazing. In many ways GB paralympic athletes are the best the the world, we’re the most supported, the best funded, and something special happened in 2012 where it really kicked off the need for paralympians and spurred on the athleticism and the strength.
I knew from the outset that if I wanted to do this I’d do it and be the best that I could be and If I wanted to do it I needed to do it right and I knew that it needed to be GB - it was a really natural choice for me.” Speaking to Stef on the phone, it’s made abundantly clear that anything she puts her mind to is in reach; the fierce determination and upbeat attitude that flows through her conversation is contagious. This attitude is also probably down to the immense training Stef is currently putting her body through for the London Para Athletics Championships in London this year, and according to Stef it’s really all about timing.

“Probably the hardest thing about athletics is that you can’t do your best for 8 months, you need to try and peak when you need to, so when your race is. What a lot of people don’t realise about sport is your body can’t handle being at peak form for over 3 weeks, so that’s why you need a really good coach and really good training to make sure you’re in peak form at the right time - I think we’re doing well this year!” This revelation about the sporting world leaves my head reeling, but Stef’s explanation of the ins and outs of the world of Para sport is even more interesting, and relates to the second part of her job with the Para Championships: Punditry. “My race is quite early so I have time to work with Channel 4 doing punditry in the field! For a lot of people they don’t understand paralympic sport, it can be quite confusing but you don’t need to be a paralympian to enjoy para sport - they just have to understand it. I want to help people love it by explaining all the different categories. It starts with an understanding of the philosophy - the categories work because we want to try our hardest to make it an even playing ground and once you understand them you can love them!” Though the next few minutes were filled with an in depth description of the different types of races and categories that take place in para sport, I’d recommend tuning into Channel 4 to hear Stef discuss it in her own words. Instead we moved the conversation on to para sport in general, and the challenges associated with being a para athlete.

“My first professional race was in 2006, but the idea of professional is different in para sport because most of the time we don’t get paid for races. We’ll make our money by sponsorship or motivational speaking; getting paid as a para athlete is very rare.” Stef tells me, pointing out the main differences to that of being an able bodied athlete. “But it makes us creative, we’re creative of making a name for ourselves, so for example a lot of us are really well educated be cause we know we’ll need a backup for when we retire, I think it makes us really tough and really resilient.”

And being tough and resilient is one thing Stef thinks that she has built up with the loss of her limb, which although sounds slightly cliche on paper, hearing her tell her story and the way she moved past it evokes feelings of strength and motivation. “When you’re in an accident later in life, there’s a whole mourning process you have to go through. You need to take time and acknowledge that ‘this sucks’! It is really unfair; but it’s important that you give yourself a time limit. You can have a pity party for yourself but it’s going to be done at this point, then I can’t go back, I can only move forwards.” Although her words resonate strongly with losing a limb, they are also poignant words of advice for anyone going through anything no matter the amount of trauma. She recounts to me meeting the parents of a young girl who seemingly had everything handed to her, and remembers being somewhat shocked at their concern that she hadn’t been met with enough challenges in her life. “There’s something in tackling adversity and challenges which gives you strength” she reflects with a calm, steady voice, “but you don’t need to artificially create challenges; life is hard enough.”
And seemingly hard to be a woman in the sporting world, Para Athlete or able bodied. When our conversation drifted to the Strong and beautiful shoot Stef did with us last year, she brought up her frustrations at the way women are represented in adverts, especially those for Sporting brands. “We live in a very visual society, and I’d like to be part of the narrative that aims to change it to make it more realistic. We need to be moving towards a better image to show young girls that there aren’t ideals. We need to get away from showing this artificial ideal of beauty.” It’s her strong feelings about editing this narrative that has made her a somewhat reluctant fashion model. “I will continue to model so long as I feel i’m contributing to positive imagery.

Strength and femininity are not opposites - it’s about breaking down this idea of what a normal woman would look like, Bryony said something in our last shoot about how she looks into the mirror and expresses love for her body, and that was incredible to hear. How rare it is to hear a woman say ‘i love my body’! You grow into your body; at first I was so embarrassed by amputated leg that I tried to hide it, but once I learnt to love it I ordered a bright pink running leg because I was ready to show it off. As an athlete, your body isn’t just an object, it’s a tool that can be transformed into something.”
Celeste Shirt and Trouser Set - I love the material.  Nice to come home after a day covered in sweat and sand to slip into something soft and silky.  I also really like the star pattern - good reminder to dream big and reach for the stars.  I also love that there are pockets - very practical!

Jamie T-Shirt White - I love pieces that can double as outerwear.  My first thoughts upon seeing this were sunglasses, mojito, and beach volleyball.  It makes the perfect swim suit cover up!

Caitlin Cami and Short set - it is simple and easy to wear but also beautiful with the sheer mesh inserts. It makes even washing up after tea feel glamourous!

Knox Shirt and Short set - always good to have a beautiful set of summer PJs that you wouldn't be overly embarrassed if you had to answer the door in them!  Plus, in my line of work, you are often sharing a hotel room with another athlete you may not know that well, so wise to bring a modest set of night wear!

Laura Balcony Bra - practical and beautiful - can you sense a theme?  Life is hectic and complicated so I like everything else to be as straightforward as possible.  I like simple things that have been made beautiful with some special touches - like the three ribbon strapping in the front.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Alyssa: the gift that keeps on giving...

Alyssa, the open bra set that's taking the world by storm

Bringing you the risqué bra that captured the media’s imagination and turned a lot of heads earlier this year… Bluebella are delighted to announce that our bestselling ‘Body Bow’ Alyssa bra and brief set is back in stock - giftin’ you the chance to become a dreamy gift, be it for yourselves or a lucky someone.

Our Alyssa bra was so hotly discussed in the media that it led the Daily Mail to ask ‘Is this the most risque lingerie set EVER?’. The Alyssa bra caused such a sensation both in the press and in shopping trolleys globally, that we were struggling to keep up with its popularity.
So we’re feeling very pleased to be able to give any disappointed fans that didn’t manage to nab one on time the best gift of all… the news that the Alyssa bra set is back by popular demand!
The bra, which seductively unties like a ribbon-clad gift, also had TFL and black cab drivers across London extremely hot under the collar earlier this year when our adverts were considered too hot for the public-eye. We do understand that perhaps smokin’ ladies unwrapping their bras in the big city might have been more than just a little distracting to pedestrians and commuters…
Alyssa Open Bow Bra and Brief Set
Alyssa Open Bow Bra and Brief Set
Alyssa Open Bow Bra and Brief Set - ties are versatile

It didn’t stop our Alyssa bra from becoming a hit amongst not just the media but also Cupid’s Valentine’s gift-givers, after we launched it as our own special and seductive V-day gift to our gorgeous and adventurous fans. As it turned out, this Valentine’s we weren’t alone in wanting to forget about boring and cliched gifts and embrace the idea of ourselves as being the real gifts instead. We wanted to create a piece of fashionable lingerie that reflected this, and voila, the Alyssa bra was born.
Bluebella Alyssa Open Bow Bra and Brief Set Black Gift
Alyssa Open Bow Bra and Brief Set - ties are versatile

Our Alyssa bra, dubbed as bringing ‘burlesque to the bedroom’, allows its wearers to either wrap up or unwrap themselves as they please, in celebration of the fine gift of sweet feminine beauty. The delicate and supple chiffon fabric gives the bra a chic touch, making it the perfect way to teeter on the line between extraordinarily sexy and cheeky.
Bluebella Alyssa Open Bow Bra and Brief Set Black Gift
Alyssa Open Bow Bra and Brief Set - ties are versatile

So whether you choose to wear the Alyssa ‘Body Bow’ bra as a gift to yourself, or as a surprise gift for that special someone, you are sure to feel extremely sexy and sultry all wrapped up…or completely unwrapped. It’s up to you. But whichever way you decide, just remember that TFL have already confirmed that you will look traffic-stoppingly stunning.
What better gift could you want to give yourself?

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Tiger's Glastonbury

Tigerlily Taylor, our girl on the ground at Glasto

Festival season is well under way, that much is true, but if a few of your friends have booked a whole week off work and seemed to be skulking out early doors there’s just one place they’ll be this week: Glastonbury. The festival of dreams, which takes place yearly on the Summer solstice, is taking place this week, and while your friends might just be starting their adventure, most of the crew will have been there since Monday morning.
 Almost a town in itself, Glastonbury is so big it’s almost impossible to see all of it, even if you return year after year, but that doesn’t matter. Finding yourself lost in the music of the Piano Bar or caught up in the energy the headliners bring to the Pyramid Stage makes the festival an experience in itself. Once you go, you go forever and that seems to be the case too for the delightful Tigerlily Taylor, the Bluebella babe who rates Glastonbury as her all-time favourite place to festival this summer.

Tigerlily Taylor in Bluebella Lingerie Solitaire Body
Tiger in the Solitaire Body

 Who are you most looking forward to seeing play?
I am really excited to see Foo Fighters again, I have seen them so many times but they are always awesome.
Also at Glastonbury: Toots and the Maytals, Chic, Afriquoi, The Flamings Lips, Goldie, DJ Shadow... I'm sure there are many more that I can't think of right now.
 Hottest up and coming band?
The Darkness!
 Best festival for food?
I literally eat trash all weekend at festivals so I'm not too fussed about overpriced festival food! Although I did have a really good ostrich burger at Isle of Wight festival last year.
 Best festival for fashion?
I generally wear very comfortable clothes, a lot of tracksuits, shorts and t-shirts but I am looking forward to incorporating some sexy Bluebella lingerie into my outfits this year. Glastonbury is probably the maddest in terms of outfits.

Tigerlily Taylor in Bluebella Lingerie Black Gia Bra
Tiger in Gia Bra

 Top tip for festival season?
Always carry wet wipes, hand sanitiser, a disposable camera and water. Carry a small backpack.
 Your festival style would be described as….
Casual, comfortable, but this year I am going to step up my outfit game a little.

Tigerlily Taylor in Bluebella Lingerie Leopard Nova Bra and Black Jamie T-Shirt
 If you ran your own festival the headline act would be…
TLC (I heard that T-Boz and Chilli just had a reunion in London), Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson, Lil Ugly Mane, MF Doom, Wu Tang Clan, Led Zeppelin would be amazing. I have always wanted to see Rage Against the Machine, Blink 182 and Red Hot Chilli Peppers as well... that's a hard one. Too many to narrow down!
 Favourite Glastonbury memory?
Seeing Wu Tang Clan in 2011 and The Who last year with my boyfriend.
 Camp or glamp?
Camp... but glamp if someone threw a teepee my way.
 Your Glastonbury happy place?
The Rabbit Hole. It's very secret and always full of amazing music, friends and family

Tigerlily Taylor in Bluebella Lingerie Solitaire Body
Tiger in Solitaire Body

 Tigerlily is a dream at creating the perfect festival look, but packing needn’t be that hard! Although Glasto is renowned for being muddy, the weather looks scorching this weekend so it’s best to pack as little as possible, and what’s lighter than a bit of lovely lingerie? Check out Bluebella for the perfect cheeky bralettes, bodies and chemises to take your wardrobe game from 1 to 100.
 Happy festivaling gorgey gang!

Tigerlily Taylor in Bluebella Lingerie Black Gia Bra
Tiger in Gia Bra

Tigerlily Taylor in Bluebella Lingerie Solitaire Body
Tiger in Solitaire Body

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