Monday, 21 December 2015



Delve into what happens behind the scenes...

Hi there, it's Emily here, founded of Bluebella. I want to share with you what's been going on lately at Bluebella HQ!
Last week was Bluebella's AW16 photoshoot and having designed what we feel is our most gorgeously amazing collection to date - we wanted to get even more ambitious in how we created imagery to accompany it.
A brainstorm by the Bluebella team determined that we wanted to create imagery that embodied two things. Firstly - the organic inspiration behind the collection: watch out for beautiful new prints, unusual trims and geometric new fabrics that mirror the beauty of nature whilst reflecting the modernity at the heart of Bluebella. Secondly, we wanted to capture the directional, strong and cosmopolitan heart of Bluebella that is deeply rooted in the city we all love the very best - London.
Sadly for our brave model, the idea that hatched from our creative little minds was to set our imagery on the windswept and wintery banks of the Thames. We loved the idea of an urban beach with a cityscape in the background, of bare trees creating organic shapes that reflect the collection with a touch of winter sun creating beautifully crisp silhouettes.
Amazingly, the British weather held up and we were blessed with a cold but sunny day which we maximised with a super early start. Our vision was brought to life by the fabulous all-female team who we adore working with. Having now worked together on so many shoots we - as usual - worked calmly and harmoniously together with lots of laughs in between. And with nice hot cups of tea and coffee on tap!
Alisa our photographer, furry hood firmly up, captured stunning moments and turned the wintery light into the most beautiful scenes. And our model, the extraordinarily professional and lovely Eva kept smiling right until the last shot despite the freezing temperatures, whilst the dynamic duo of Nikki and Lara somehow managed to keep hair and make-up in check despite the unforgiving winds.
Our only disappointment? That you'll have to wait until next season to see the results! But fear not, the equally stunning Spring/Summer '16 shoot imagery will be unveiled in all its glory very soon indeed...
Looking back on the final edit in the office, I feel immensely proud of the Bluebella team for bringing such a creative and inspiring collection to life! We celebrated with gin & tonics and bubbly at our Christmas party the other night!
I wish you all a Merry Christmas... Until next time,
Emily x

Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Gentleman's Gift Guide

Give the gift of Bluebella...

It's not too late to give a gift she'll love...

Gents, if you're still pondering what to get your better half this Christmas then fear not... as help is still at hand! Give the gift of Bluebella this festive season!
Whether it's a little something to pop in the stocking or a gorgeous gift to place under the tree, we have everything from stylish lingerie, playful accessories and sumptuous sleepwear... all guaranteed to ensure festive frivolity is at the heart of your holiday season.


Know your loved one is a Bluebella fan but not sure what to go for? There will be no qualms if you opt for a Bluebella classic and our firm favourites come in the form of the Nova, Vivienne, Julianna and Caterina. All of these styles come as collections which means you can opt for different colours, styles and top-to-toe bra, briefs and suspenders. If you want a more playful surprise as she unwraps on Christmas day, opt for the Nova which has seductive yet stylish floral motifs adorning the bust area, or for a more delicately feminine style, the Julianna is perfect. Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with one of our collections!


Time to slip into something a little more comfortable? Spoiling your other half with a sumptuous treat to make bedtime even more enticing is a perfect gift that she's sure to treasure. Sexy AND stylish, our exclusive range of PJs, chemises, dresses and camisoles are designed to make her feel beautiful on the inside and look stunning on the outside. The Julianna Top & Short set is available in stylish black and has just arrived in a pastel pink. With its graphic mesh detailing and scallop edged detailing, she won't want to slip out of it. Or if you want her to captivate in a chemise, then our new Alanna is sure to get her wanting more... its seductive soft back draping and plunging V will make her feel a million dollars.


There's nothing quite like giving a little surprise of sheer seduction to fizz up the festive frivolity to its hottest level this Christmas... and our range of playful accessories are just the trick for that. Whether you want to tantalise with tie-ups, cover up with eye masks or play with harnesses, we have a wide range to suit whatever tricks you have up your sleeve. The stylish yet chic Ines Harness is a great way to bring in a touch of playfulness to the bedroom - its bold framework and luxurious velvet looks simply stunning.


Now if you have chosen your Bluebella treat, don't get hot and bothered with the sizing! It's easy if you follow our tips. Some of our styles are measured in the standard 32B, 34B way so if you pick a bra that is sized this way, the easiest thing to do is have a peek in her lingerie drawer. Check out her newest additions and see what size they are - voila, there is your answer! If you know her dress measurements but still not sure what size to get, check out our sizing guide here. All bras vary from brand to brand, so don't be disheartened if you don't manage to get it quite right when she tries it on. It's not a problem though, as you can return it free within 30 days and either get your money back or get another size, so you'll never loose out.


And if you really can't decide, then fear not...


Make sure you remember the last UK delivery dates for Christmas -->
Royal Mail 48hr Tracked: 5.30pm Monday 21st
Royal Mail 24hr Tracked: 5.30pm Tuesday 22nd
Royal Mail Special Delivery: 5.30pm Wednesday 23rd

Wednesday, 9 December 2015



Why cover up your favourite underwear? Party in it!

Here at BB HQ, we love the festive season! But it's not all about wrapping up your favourite Bluebella pieces for the ultimate gift, oh no. Why cover up your favourite underwear? Make a festive fashion statement with lingerie that parties just as stylishly as you do. Here we show you how to indulge in the spirit of the season and style your party outfit around your favourite Bluebella looks. It's time to discover and uncover...


The Aria Body is one of our newest arrivals and is definitely too good to cover up. Its design-led shape with a demure high halter neck and fashion-forward mesh detailing enhances the figure and is perfect for partying until dawn in. Make like Jourdan Dunn and wear with a chic white skirt, skimming your curves to create a seamless top-to-toe look!


Where there is mistletoe there is mischief... and there's no better excuse than festive frolics to bare your favourite bra. The key to this look is choosing a confident yet simple style that covers up your modesty whilst still allowing you to showcase your seductive style. The Angelina is ideal to replicate Maggie Gyllenhaal's androgynous attire, showing how you can easily opt for stylish and sexy in one look. Go for an oversized black jacket or long duster with high-waisted black trousers and you have yourself the statement look of the season.


Always thought your chemise was for bedtime? Well think again... There isn't a better excuse than Christmas and New Year to push your style boundaries and we've got the perfect product for that. Make like Chloe Moretz and chic up a chemise for a simple LBD alternative, teaming with a pair of elegant heels for that subtle style statement. Mirror this look with theJulianna Chemise and wear with a black bra and high-waist black knickers underneath, giving you the coverage that you need. If you feel like you need to cover up more, simply add a pair of black tights and you can't go wrong!


A deep plunge is the perfect partner to your partywear attire and, if styled up in the right way, oozes sophistication. Vanessa Hudgens has got the look bang on, with a lace detail V running down to her stomach. Keeping it elegant, she wears long sleeves and an ever-so-cheeky slit showing off her pins. Emulate her look by opting for the Lola Body and wear with a wrap-around maxi skirt and super slick black blazer to cover your arms. Top off with a deep plum lip hue to finish off the look with confidence... All eyes will be on you for sure.


The Sienna is the ultimate choice for all party girls out there. Designed to be noticed, this dramatic style statement flaunts and flatters the shape of your body, with the bra styled top giving it extra appeal. We love Jenna Dewan's stylish strap affair and it's easy to emulate the look with the Sienna. Simply opt for a floor-length flowing skirt that rests above your hips and wear over the Sienna, creating an opulent look that's worthy of any red carpet this Christmas!
Happy Partying!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015



What are our favourite winter skin busters?

We all love the winter season for its festive fun but it doesn't bring us joy when it comes down to our beauty routines. The cold winds, drizzly rain and dry central heating all can take their toll on our skin. So, to concur all these issues we bring our best tips and tricks to banish those winter beauty problems and give you the best lotions and potions to fill your beauty cabinet with...


It's no secret - our hair takes a beating during the winter months. With the harsh winds and cold temperatures, hair can often frizz and become dry, damaged and lack-lustre - not a good combo. To help keep hair hydrated, the Kerastase Masque Nutri-Thermique is our top pick. This hydrating hair mask is activated by heat providing your hair with the deepest form of nourishment to lock in moisture for those blustery days. What's more, make sure you treat yourself to a salon session every so often as freshly cut locks can help with keeping your hair luscious and ready for the party season.
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Everyone needs a moisturising lip balm, especially when it's chilly outside. There is nothing worse than cracked and painful lips, plus it makes it all the more harder to apply lipstick evenly. So, how do we beat dry lips? We suggest the Kiehl's Facial Fuel No-Shine Moisturising Lip Balm - it's guaranteed to help you with those pesky puckers. Another tip is to gently exfoliate dry lips regularly so that you are keeping them as fresh as possible. Another great tip is when it comes to make-up time, at the beginning of application always use a lip balm so lips can soak up the moisturising goodness before you put lipstick anywhere near them. By the time you come around to the lips, they will be perfectly positioned for lipstick application!
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All year round it's vital to keep your skin hydrated for healthy, happy skin but the need for moisture certainly intensifies as the weather gets colder. Our firm favourite for skincare at the moment is Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream... it's a little on the expensive side but this moisture-locking wonder cream is arguably one of the best. What's more, to really boost your skin at its time of need, make sure you're packing in lots of fruit and veg and drinking lots of water. It can really make a huge difference to your glow!
Photo cred: Cosmopolitan


There is no fighting it; dry hands are just another winter side effect. Make sure you moisturise your hands day and night, just as you do with your face (that's a great anti-ageing tip too!). Our favourite is the one and only L'Occitane Shea Butter Cream for Dry Skin. Currently sold around the world every three seconds, it is clearly a big hit. Treat yourself to a manicure too and you'll have hands you won't want to cover up with gloves!
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The big trend in beauty at the moment is oil, used as a super hydrator for lack-lustre skin. With a luxurious feel, using an oil can make you feel like you're in your own beauty salon and is a relaxing addition to any beauty routine. We like Caudalie Divine Oil as it has a rich combination of moisturising oils, leaving your skin silky smooth. The tip is to use oils sparingly before you moisturise and this helps lock in the moisturiser when you apply. Oils are also multi-functional and are great for nails, hair and the body as well as the face. We love an all-round hit!